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CAKE BALM / vanilla bean

NAKED BALM / unscented
Nick Christodoulou

Love it

Great product! Highly recommend

CAKE BALM / vanilla bean
Michelle Johnson
Love this

Great product! I can see a difference in my skin texture.
Downside is the cost for the amount of product.

Thanks for the review Michelle! I'm so happy to hear you're noticing a difference in your skin's texture. I find that applying our tallow over damp skin really helps seal in the moisture, which makes the jar last a lot longer. Give that a try and let me know how it works for you!

Naked whip

As a guy, I was kinda skeptical to use a product like this but my wife convinced me to give it a try. I’m glad I did! This tallow is amazing. My face is never dry and looks/feels so refreshed all day. This stuff is a game changer.

Best skin care on earth!

My wife says nothing else can come close to the way this product works, hands down best stuff on earth for your skin. We love everything this company stands for and the thought and care built into every jar!

Favorite Product

This is my most favorite product in my skincare routine. I have dry, sensitive skin and it hydrates so nicely without feeling greasy or heavy. It’s perfect!

Like butter

I love this tallow whip. It’s perfect for my whole body and smells amazing. Since using it in my face care routine I’ve noticed how smooth and even my skin tone is. Also my skin is nice and moisturized all day.


I bought this tallow whip in addition to the Naked balm. Both are truly phenomenal products. This will be a staple product in my household to help my daughter in my wife and I's journey towards healing her from eczema. Fantastic customer service by Morgan as well.

Top Tier!

Ordered the tallow balm for my daughter who has eczema and it's awesome. It is a fantastic moisturizer. She is always scratching but I have noticed improvements in her skin being substantially smoother as well as her cuts healing quickly with this tallow being applied regularly. In comparing the texture, smell and overall efficacy of the product compared to another brand I previously bought, it is second to none. Would highly recommend!


I took the owner’s advice and began applying to cake whip after showering and this is the best time to do so since it absorbs the best this way. A couple spots of cuts/spots have cleared up since using the tallow for nearly a week. The vanilla scent is just right and not overpowering. As long as y’all are in business, I’ll be a customer of yours! I could not be more delighted to have found y’all!

The best cream! I never want to be without it.

I’m 40 years old and my skin looks very youthful because of this! I use it day and night on my face, also on my hair and lips. It is natural and without chemicals, and it absorbs deeply. Thank you for making it!

Such good stuff

I started using this for my daughter’s eczema. It is the only thing that fully moisturizes her skin! I also started using it on my face at night and absolutely loved it. I had to get another one for myself this time!


I LOVE my Naked Whip. I am 55 years old and use it on my face, neck and around my eyes. It makes my skin so soft and silky. I had these white bumps under my eye and on my neck for years. I have used my Naked Whip especially on these areas and am so happy to report they are gone.

Heaven's moisturizer

I am in LOVE with this scrub! It feels so healthy for my skin and I can't live without it now that I've tried it. 🤍 Just a tiny amount goes a long way in helping my skin feel deeply moisturized, and it feels to me like genuine self care. It's not just any old exfoliator and despite having such a miniature ingredients list, it's leagues better than anything I've ever tried. This is a MUST BUY and forever staple in my routine 😊


This balm is deeply moisturizing, and also has seemed to rejuvenate some red spots on my face that have been there for a month. The vanilla scent is soft and smells fresh too!

Best Tallow of all time

Actually the best tallow I’ve ever used. Have struggled with acne my entire life and this has been one of the VERY few things I’ve tried that’s helped me take acne down. Face has been clear of it for 4 months ever since I started getting it through Morgan and Wild Haven!

Absolutely amazing!

You have to use this stuff 10 times better than lotion! It’s so much smoother and creamier, and last way longer than regular lotion. Stop putting toxic chemicals on your face that mix with other toxic chemicals you wash with that mix with other toxic chemicals you put on your body. Tallow is the better way to go for sure! My skin feels so much better and you have a nice natural glow and it lasts all day, basically. Great product and I will never go back to lotion again!

NAKED BALM / unscented
Shannon Scanlan
The Best!

My 7yo reaches for the Naked Balm whenever she’s itchy. “Mom I’m going to put tallow on, my knees are itchy!” 🥰

The best scrub that exists. Smells AMAZING and makes your skin unbelievably soft. Keeps your skin hydrated for literally days after using it. I love it!!!! Best part is it’s 100% natural.

LOVE LOVE LOVE…Dont sit and debate on if you should get it, i promise you just do it for yourself. you deserve to feel this on your skin😍

LOOOOOVE IT! I have sensitive skin and this feels so soothing to my face as I rub it in. I have definitely seen improvement in my skin’s texture and blemishes in such a short amount of time 🤍🥰

I’m in love with this product! It smells heavenly and my skin loves it so much. 🤍

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! My new forever product! Morgan makes amazing things!! Please support her and her business!

I use this all over my body. Us eczema girlies know the struggle of harsh scents especially during a breakout. This product is so lightweight and absorbs into my skin so quickly. I love it!