Our Approach

At Wild Haven Skin, we believe in a back-to-basics approach to skincare. We keep it simple and let the natural goodness of tallow do the heavy lifting for your skin. Our approach is centered on crafting products that are gentle enough for the whole family to use yet incredibly effective — all while maintaining complete transparency throughout the entire process. How do we do it? We merge ancestral wisdom, tallow's potency, simplicity, and real results to create skincare that actually works and doesn't harm our precious ecosystem.

Meet Morgan

Hi there! I'm Morgan, the heart and soul behind Wild Haven Skin. My passion lies somewhere between motherhood, holistic wellness, and a good cup of coffee. I wholeheartedly believe in the Earth's ability to heal, which is why I'm overjoyed to preserve the natural goodness of tallow and share it with you. I've witnessed the incredible nourishment it brings, and I'm eager for you and your family to experience it too. Welcome to Wild Haven Skin!

How It All Started

My journey into animal-based skincare was an unexpected one, rooted in the world of motherhood. I stumbled across tallow when searching for a natural remedy for my daughters diaper rash, and was left in awe after witnessing its transformative effects on her delicate skin. As I delved deeper, I learned quickly that not all tallow is created equally. Many tallow-based products on the market currently are chemically deodorized, bleached, stripped of nutrients, contaminated with impurities, mass produced, etc.. that's when I knew that my purpose was meant to take a different path. I dove deep into sourcing, and sought out farmers local to me in Tennessee who understood the significance of raising cattle ethically on pasture. During my daughter's naps, I mastered the art of tallow rendering, infusing each product with a mother's care and devotion. And so, Wild Haven Skin was born - a sanctuary where tallow's raw benefits are preserved and shared with you.

Behind the Name

Wild Haven symbolizes a skincare philosophy that merges the untamed purity of natural elements (wild) with the comforting sanctuary provided for skin health (haven). It signifies a commitment to unprocessed, earth-derived skincare, where the beauty of raw, unaltered ingredients meets the comforting refuge of a skincare sanctuary, promoting a genuine and wholesome approach to caring for the skin.

Stay In Touch

Connect with us over on Instagram! Send us a DM to chat and don't forget to tag us in photos of our products @wildhavenskin to be featured on the feed + to meet others in the community!

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  • CAKE BALM / vanilla bean

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    CAKE BALM / vanilla beanTallow Balm - Wild Haven Skin
  • CAKE WHIP / vanilla bean

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    CAKE WHIP / vanilla beanTallow Whip - Wild Haven Skin
  • SILK / whipped tallow scrub

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    SILK / whipped tallow scrubSILK / whipped tallow scrub
  • NAKED BALM / unscented

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    NAKED BALM / unscentedNAKED BALM / unscented
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